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Sandra Novoa, MMC
Public Records Custodian
Town of Surfside
9293 Harding Avenue
Surfside, FL 33154
Telephone: 305-861-4863
Fax: 305-861-1302

Under Florida Law, e-mail addresses
are public records. If you do not want your
email address released in response to a
public records request, do not send
electronic mail to this entity.
 Instead, contact this office
by phone or in writing.

Office of the Town Attorney
Contact TypeContact Information
Town Attorney
Assistant to the Town Attorney
9293 Harding Avenue
Surfside, FL 33154
Monday - Friday
9:00AM - 5:00PM
About the Office of the Town Attorney

The Office of the Town Attorney strives to limit the Town’s liability by the proactive approach, in providing effective legal advice to the Town Commission and the Town’s various departments. The Town Attorney’s Office instituted a preventative law program with the specific goals of reducing the Town’s liability risks and reducing the number of emergency items presented to the Town Attorney’s Office. The preventative law program, seeks to reduce the Town’s liability risks in the following areas; (1) tort liability; (2) transactional liability; and (3) employment disputes.

Tourist Bureau/Pension Board

The Office of the Town Attorney provides all legal advice required by the Tourist Bureau. The Pension Board has separate specialized legal counsel but the Office of the Town Attorney provides support as needed.

Consultation with Department Heads

As in-house counsel, the Office of the Town Attorney meets with department heads on a regular basis to address department-related issues and other job-specific concerns before they became emergency items. This procedure tends to lessen, to a great extent, the number of emergency items presented to the Town Attorney’s office for remediation. The Town Attorney also provides legal services with all capital improvement projects and with inter-governmental projects.


One of the Town Attorney’s primary duties is to draft legislation for the Town, in the form of Ordinances and, to a much lesser extent, Resolutions. The Office of the Town Attorney also assists in finalizing (whether by review or re-draft) legislation proposed by department heads.

Land Development Regulations

The Office of the Town Attorney represents the Planning and Zoning Board in their zoning, advisory, and design review functions. In addition, the Office is involved in developing, revising and re-drafting the Town’s proposed Zoning Code, Comprehensive Plan Amendments, Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) and related issues within the Town’s boundaries.

Charter and Code Review

The Town Attorney’s Office in conjunction with the Office of the Town Manager guides and documents the charter review process and ultimately provides a revised charter document for Commission review. In addition, given the opportunity, the Town Attorney will begin to revise and update the Town Code.