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Sandra Novoa, MMC
Public Records Custodian
Town of Surfside
9293 Harding Avenue
Surfside, FL 33154
Telephone: 305-861-4863
Fax: 305-861-1302

Under Florida Law, e-mail addresses
are public records. If you do not want your
email address released in response to a
public records request, do not send
electronic mail to this entity.
 Instead, contact this office
by phone or in writing.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please note that any issues after normal business hours
should be directed to the Surfside Police Department.

For the following situations, please call the Police Department's non-emergency number 305-861-4862.

  • A traffic light is not working properly.
  • A street or school zone sign is damaged, down or missing.
  • Reporting graffiti around town.

Where should I report street lights that are not working?

To report a problem with street lights, contact Public Works at 305-861-4863 and give them information on the location and fault.  

There is a pothole in the road or alley.

Call the Public Works Department 305-861-4863 with the information and the repair will be scheduled.

Does the Town maintain trees in the swale?

Trees in swales are the responsibility of the abutting property owner. However, if the branches become hazardous (e.g. hang too low over the sidewalk or road) Public Works will trim the branches.

There is a branch in the road - there is a broken branch hanging from a tree - a tree is down or is in danger of falling down

Call the Public Works Department 305-861-4863.

Where can I report dead animals?

Call the Police Department at 305-861-4862

I have a problem with mosquitoes.

Call Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control at 305-592-1186 or 305-468-5900.

Who do I contact to report a broken sprinkler in the park or median?

Call Public Works, 305-861-4863.

Does Public Works maintain water lines, water mains and sewer mains in the Town?
Yes, all water and sanitary sewer utilities are maintained by the Public Works Department. If you have a problem with your water service or sanitary sewer service contact the Public Works Department.

Does the Town sweep streets?

Yes. The street sweeping schedule is posted on the Town’s website. Please click here for schedule.

A sidewalk is damaged, who should I contact?

Call the Public Works Department at 305-861-4863.

Pavement markings on the road are worn out. What can I do?

Call the Public Works Department at 305 -861-4863 and they will investigate and issue a service request to the proper agency.

There is a sign, tree, fence, etc. that obscures driver visibility at corner road intersections. What can I do about it?

Call the Public Works Department office at 305-861-4863 and they will investigate and issue a service request to the appropriate agency.

What do I do if I have a sewer backup?

You can call the Public Works Department at 305-861-4863. After-hours, you can call the Surfside Police Department 305-861-4862. Our staff will take your information and someone will be dispatched to your home or business to investigate the situation. If the problem is determined to be inside your plumbing system, you must hire your own plumber to clear the line.

Who do I call if I have a water leak?

The Town is not responsible for leaks that occur on private property.  If you are unsure if you have a leak, or need to report a leak outside your property, or inside the meter box, call the Public Works Department at 305 -861-4863

Who do I call about a water main break, or fire hydrant leak?

Call the Public Works Department at 305-861-4863.