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Monthly Town Manager's Message

January 2018 Town Manager's Message

Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

The New Year brings with it a fresh start, new opportunities and a strong sense of rejuvenation. We at the Town of Surfside are looking forward to the year ahead with anticipation and already have strategies and programs in place to make our Town an even better community to live, work and visit.

On March 20, Surfside will hold a special election and general election (see Page 2) . In addition to electing the Mayor and all four Commissioners for two-year terms, the Town will consider the following Charter Amendment on the ballot. Plan now to vote on this important amendment.

The Charter provides for Mayor and Commissioners to be elected to two year terms, with the Commissioner receiving the most votes becoming Vice Mayor. It is proposed that the Charter be amended to retain a two year term for Mayor, while providing for transition to four year, staggered terms for Commissioners beginning in 2020, and for Vice Mayor to be selected by the Commission from among its members.

Shall the Charter amendment be adopted? YES [ ] NO [ ]

The start of a new year is also the time to express gratitude, respect and appreciation to friends, family and coworkers. I would like to thank the Surfside staff, community volunteers and elected officials for their dedicated efforts throughout 2017.

On behalf of the Town, I would like to extend warm holiday thoughts and wishes for a happy and healthy new year to all residents. With your continued support and input, we look forward with confidence for continued success in 2018 – resulting in a greater quality of life in Surfside.

– Guillermo Olmedillo, Town Manager