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Common Areas
All of the Town's streets are swept regularly, and continuous attention is paid to all public areas including parks, playgrounds, sidewalks, recreation areas, public facilities, drainage systems, and underground utilities.

The Town promotes clean, safe and attractive public beaches. Environmental, recreational and public health priorities are essential to the Town's management of all public areas. The State, County and Town are cooperating on the removal of non-native, intrusive plants from the beach, improving cross-over paths to the shore, enhancing views and protection of the beaches’ natural state, and planning improvements to the walking path.

The Town continues to prevent any commercial activities or businesses from operating on the beach. The sand is cleaned and maintained by Miami-Dade County, and the beach areas are monitored and patrolled by Surfside. Our beaches are amongst the most beautiful and tranquil beaches in the world. Our public beaches are used by residents and visitors every day of the year.

Illicit Discharge 
Illicit DischargeIllicit discharge into municipal storm-water systems are one of the most problematic occurrences for municipalities, who are required to keep pollutants from discharging into the storm-water system. An emphasis by Public Works is to continue working towards the elimination of these inappropriate discharges into surface waters or storm sewers. What is an illicit discharge? It is a pollutant other than storm water into a storm drain, a pipe, or other direct connection. Sources of illicit connections may include sanitary sewer connections, wash water from washing machines, at home car washing, and other similar sources. In addition, used motor oil, leaves, grass clippings can be conveyed during rain events into the storm drain. Residents are reminded to bag loose vegetation, such as leaves to prevent them from going down the drain. Using leaf blowers to blow debris or other material into the storm drain is strictly PROHIBITED and can lead to dire consequences. Anyone who observes illegal dumping are to report such events by contacting either the Public Works, Code Compliance, or Police Department at 305.861.4863.

Illicit DischargePublic Works, Water and Sewer department wanted to remind both residents and visitors alike to be on the look for these signs. These markers will help everyone identify the Town’s storm drains and help educate them on the hazards with illegally dumping down the drains. Let’s all do our parts to help keep Surfside and our Bay clean.