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2022 Ballot Questions Community Workshops

Town staff and representatives from FPL, Dr. Ted Kury, Director of Energy Studies for the Public Utility Research Center (PURC) at the University of Florida and a Sunny Isles Beach administrator, will be available to provide more information on the ballot questions. Presentations will be the same on both days. Please note, Dr. Kury will only be available for the March 2 Zoom workshop.

Bond Referendum to Underground Utilities 

Shall the Town issue general obligation bonds not exceeding $40 million dollars in one or more series maturing not later than 30 years from their issuance dates, bearing interest not exceeding the maximum allowable by law, payable from ad valorem taxes levied by the Town, for the purpose of financing the costs of undergrounding overhead utility lines for electric and communications services?

Summary Explanation:

In November 2020, Surfside voters were presented a non-binding referendum asking whether or not they favored the undergrounding of Town utilities for an estimated cost of $16 - 18 million. A majority of voters voted "yes."

The Town's project consultant completed detailed construction cost estimate based on 50% design documents of $37.2 million to underground utilities in the Town in November 2021. The Commission in December 2021 voted to ask residents in March 2022 for authorization to issue up to $40.0 million for the purpose of financing the costs of undergrounding overhead utility lines for electric and communications services. 


Election 2022 Information

View Resolution No. 2021-2841 GO Bonds for Undergrounding Utilities.
How FPL Undergrounds Power Lines: Comparing and Contrasting FPL's Programs
WATCH: GO Bond/Undergrounding Open House (Thursday, February 17, 2022)
Town of Surfside 2022 Undergrounding Informational Mailer

Historical Information

Will there be an opportunity to hear more on this? 
Yes.  Please stay tuned to the Town calendar and mailers sharing more information and dates of community workshops.

What happens if I’m unable to attend the meeting? How can I submit questions and/or get answers?
The meeting will be recorded and made available for residents to watch on the Town website and Channel 663. For questions, email the Town Clerk at or         

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Undergrounding Infrastructure on Display at Town Hall

If the undergrounding project is approved, above-ground hardware would be replaced with ground-level equipment. A sampling of those items is on display on the west side of Town Hall along Harding Avenue. 
nextdoor-undergrounding-equipment-communications box, vista switch, transformer

General Obligation Bond Questions

General Undergrounding Questions