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Monthly Town Manager's Message

June 2018 Town Manager's Message

Preparing for the 2018 Hurricane Season

June 1st is the arrival of hurricane season. It is the unpredictable and sometimes sudden storm events can leave many caught off guard, which is why we strongly urge Surfsiders to stock up on hurricane supplies and to make preparations and evacuation plans well in advance.

Town of Surfside staff begins taking proactive measures in early spring, starting with the review of emergency management procedures and notification of residents about overgrown trees that could potentially impact powerlines and cause dangerous situations during a major storm. Additionally, the Surfside Police Department participates in a series of Miami-Dade County led trainings and workshops, focused on pertinent hurricane topics and communication with the Emergency Operations Center.

As many know, we were spared by the wrath of Hurricane Irma visited. We can only be so lucky this year. Should a major storm with hurricane-force winds and rain descend on Surfside, it is imperative for Surfsiders to heed the warnings and evacuate when the Town is under a mandatory evacuation order.

For details on how you can prepare for hurricane season, see page 6. Be sure to also visit the Town website for further information and sign-up for news alerts.

– Guillermo Olmedillo, Town Manager