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Catching the Wave


Welcome to the Town of Surfside’s new blog. On this blog, the Town is devoted to tackling community matters that are important to you – our valued residents.

We'd like to hear from you! Please email your topic ideas to In the meantime, follow these links for coronavirus resources and FAQs, Zoom classes by the Parks and Recreation Department, and a 2-minute Communication Survey. Thank you.

  • How the Town Budget Affects Residents

    by Town of Surfside | May 04, 2020

    There is a virtual Budget Workshop scheduled for Tuesday, May 5. Did you know budget development for the Town directly affects you and your day-to-day life. For instance, many of the services often taken for granted, such as turning on streetlights, drinking out of a water faucet, trash collection, parking, and police services are all covered in the town budget. Essentially, the budget factors in how much residents will pay and what kind of services they will receive in return. 

    The largest source of funding comes from property taxes. It is important to note that almost 80% of residents’ property bill go to other entities such as Miami-Dade County and the Miami-Dade School Board, with only about 20% going to the Town. 

    To learn more about how the budget process works and to participate in Tuesday's Budget Workshop, view this link. 

  • Setting Utility Bill Rates

    by Town of Surfside | May 04, 2020

    One of the most frequently asked questions by residents is how the rates for utility bills are set. It is important to note the Town purchases its water from Miami-Dade County. Therefore, Surfside does not control the rates. 

    Furthermore, Surfside sends its sewage for treatment to the City of Miami Beach, which controls the rates of this service. Similar to the water bill, Surfside residents are charged accordingly to pay for the fees.  

    Dedicated to continually enhancing quality of life, Surfside also provides residents with garbage pick-up five days a week, whereby most cities only pick up garbage twice a week. As a consequence, the garbage bills in Surfside are higher than they would be at a service level that is less.