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Summer Safety Tips for Drivers and Parents

School is out for the summer and the Surfside Police Department wants to remind drivers and parents about the importance of keeping children safe. Drivers should be extra cautious for child pedestrians and bicyclists. Here are some tips:

• Be alert, especially in residential areas.
• Expect the unexpected. Children may cross anywhere on the street or suddenly run or ride in front of you.
• Obey all laws. Slow down if children are along the road or crossing the street. Come to a full stop at intersections.
• Be predictable. Do not make sudden maneuvers that others, particularly children, are not expecting.
• Double check behind you and around you when backing out of a driveway or parking space.
•Do not be distracted. Put down coffee and cell phones, and put both hands on the wheel. Avoid distractions in your vehicle, including loud music.
•Yield the right of way to pedestrians. It is the law.

Tips for Parents:

• Focus on the basics. Teach your children to make eye contact with the driver before crossing, even if the walk signal is on.
• Remind them to walk, do not run across the road and to stop, look and listen before crossing the street.
• Teach your children to cross at intersections that have a marked crosswalk or a pedestrian crossing light.
• Teach children to watch for cars that are backing up.
• When walking with your child, avoid unnecessary shortcuts like walking through a parking lot. Drivers may not see children between parked cars and the children may not see the cars moving.
• Remind children not to play in or around vehicles.