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Sandless Sandbags Delivered to Residents

Are you a Surfside resident who recently received a delivery of blue plastic bags to your doorstep? These are sandless sandbags to help the owners of vulnerable properties protect their homes and garages from occasional flooding that follows heavy rainfall.

Earlier this year, residents registered in advance to receive sets of five sandbags, courtesy of the Town. However, if needed, the Town will procure and distribute a limited number of additional sandless sandbags. Please email if you are interested.

The sandless sandbags are self-activating when exposed to water. To use, simply place the dry, uninflated bags in front of the area you want to protect, and the bags will swell to contain and divert flood water. Each bag can absorb up to five gallons of water, and grows to full size in about five minutes. For more information, visit the manufacturer's website or check out a demonstration video.