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New Restrictions on Beach Furniture in Surfside


Good news for beachgoers who are in search of tranquility and space to spread out on the sand. The Surfside Commission voted recently to further regulate the use of beach furniture on the one mile stretch of public beach in Town for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. 

Several of the key takeaways from the amended ordinance include the following:

  • The ordinance requires all beach furniture to be set at least 20 feet away from the waterline to provide for unobstructed ocean views and access to the water. 
  • The ordinance requires beach furniture to be placed at last 12 feet away from the lifeguard tower to allow lifeguards or emergency personnel unobstructed views and access to the public beach or ocean.
  • The ordinance sets a cap on the total number of beach chairs and umbrellas that hotel and condo buildings can set up behind their beachfront properties.
  • The ordinance limits the number of chairs that properties can stack up and/or preset on the beach at a given time as attendants wait for customers. 
  • The ordinance continues to prohibit the daytime and overnight storage of beach furniture on the public beach.
  • The ordinance prohibits vehicles on the public beach and dunes with limited exceptions.
  • The ordinance prohibits any person or entity, including beach furniture operators, to sell, rent or conduct any business or commercial activity, or to enter into any type of arrangement with other persons or entities including properties on the west side of Collins Avenue. Only beach furniture operators are permitted to conduct beach furniture operations on the public beach for their residents and verified guests. 
  • Beach furniture operators must obtain a permit from the Town for beach furniture services. 

The Town Commission has amended the ordinance to conserve and ensure the public’s access to use and enjoy the beach; preservation of the public beach, environment, marine wildlife and vegetation; and for the public health, safety and welfare of the Town’s residents, property owners and visitors. To learn more, review Ordinance No. 2020-1714 on the Town website

The Miami Herald also published an article about Surfside’s new beach furniture restrictions. Read the article here.

***Any person or entity found to be in violation of the new ordinance may be subject to fines or suspended from beach furniture operations for a period of one year from the date of violation.