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Sewage Clean-out

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The Public Works Department is requesting that all Surfside residents locate their sewage clean-out cap on your private property. If you are missing a green clean-out cap, please notify the Public Works Department immediately. The green cap needs to be secured on the clean-out at all times.

If the cap is removed, it will expose the towns sewer system to contamination and potentially cause backups. Example contaminants: Iguanas or small rodents, debris, trash, sediments (e.g., Rocks, Pebbles, sands, etc.) and direct water exposure.

Some green clean-out caps were removed during the 6/4/2022 Storm which exposed flood waters to the sewage system. As a result, the lift stations were overwhelmed with storm water which caused a full-system overload.

During major tropical storms, many municipalities are exposed to the same water hazards. This factor decreases the efficiency of Miami-Dade’s sewer system. Additional exposure to storm water dramatically reduces the efficiency of the Towns sewer systems performance by upwards of 90%.

The Public Works Department strongly encourages residents to never remove, tamper or modify their green clean-out cap.

For more information Please contact Public Works at (305) 861-4863.