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Be King Tide Ready this Fall


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Are you aware several King Tides are expected this season? This natural phenomenon typically takes place during the fall months when tidal forces from the sun and moon bring out the highest tides of the year, oftentimes leading to flooding.

King Tides are predicted on the following 2023 dates:

  • Nov. 12-16
  • Nov. 24-28

Here are safety measures you can take in order to prevent any potentially dangerous outcomes:  

  • Do not drive through floodwater. It may be deeper than it appears, or it could contain debris that may damage your vehicle.
  • Do not park your vehicle in low lying areas.
  • Properties in low lying areas should use flood mitigation options such as sand bags.
  • Prohibit children from playing in flood water. Again, there may be debris, in addition to wildlife or pollutants picked up from the environment.
Learn more about King Tides. 

For tide predictions, please visit the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website