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  • Mayte Gamiotea

Mayte Gamiotea

Acting Finance Director
9293 Harding Avenue, Surfside FL, Florida
Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mission Statement:

To manage and maintain financial records in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and in compliance with State and Federal laws.

To develop and maintain effective and efficient financial planning, reporting and support the operating departments in achieving their program objectives.

To provide the Town Commission and residents with transparent financial information in a timely and meaningful manner.

To provide quality service to the residents, merchants and to safeguard the Town's assets.

Services, Functions, and Activities:

The Finance Department provides for the effective, lawful, and efficient management of the Town’s financial matters. The department manages and maintains the Town’s financial records in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and in compliance with State and Federal laws. The department develops and maintains effective, efficient financial planning and reporting, and supports the operating departments in achieving their program objectives. The department provides the Town Commission and residents with transparent financial information in a timely and meaningful manner with a focus on providing quality service to the Town’s residents, merchants and businesses while safeguarding the Town’s assets.Main areas of responsibility include: departmental administration, accounting, payroll and risk management, budgeting, financial reporting, banking, treasury management, debt management, fixed asset management, internal support, and pension plan oversight. Each of these areas requires their own reporting and documentation procedures.

Administration entails addressing the functions typical of managing a department: personnel issues and scheduling, policy development, coordination with internal and external agencies,and ensuring appropriate compliance with contract and legal requirements.

Accounting functions include: accounts payable, accounts receivable, pension, calculating interest, compliance with generally accepted accounting principles, compliance with Federal,State, and Town statutes and ordinances, cash management and deposits, and payroll accounting.

Payroll and Risk Management includes: risk related policy development and recommendations, ensuring compliance with Federal Internal Revenue Service requirements as well as Fair Labor Standards and other Federal, State and local requirements, reviewing and processing hours and benefit calculations for payroll purposes, and ensuring fund transfers and availability for the twenty-six (26) regular payrolls each year, calculating retroactive payments and other pay and benefits adjustments as part of the regular cycle or special payrolls.

Budgeting responsibilities include: development, revision, publication, managing the adoption process, implementation, monitoring the budget throughout the year, and Capital Improvement Plan coordination.

Banking Relations includes: ensuring transfers are completed, maintaining a professional working relationship with bank officials, bank account reconciliation, interest allocations and containing costs while maximizing interest earned.

Treasury Management responsibilities include: identifying available balances for investment,reviewing placement options to ensure each conforms to Town fiscal policy, managing the transfer and regularly reviewing yields and other investment options.

Debt Management involves: the identification of debt needs, researching available options for debt placement, issuing debt, avoiding positive arbitrage, and ensuring timely debt principal and interest payments.

Fixed Asset Management involves: identifying and tracking all capital assets owned by the Town, calculating depreciation where appropriate and complying with external audit requirements established by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

Information Technology Management: The Finance Director serves as liaison between a contracted IT vendor including on-site IT staff and coordinating the technology needs of all Town staff and Elected Officials with the services provided through the IT contract. Those services include:

  • hardware, including desktop computers, laptops, telephones, office machines including copiers and printers for all departments
  • network trouble shooting
  • software maintenance and development
  • phone hardware and software
  • provide broadcast services and monitor Channel 77
  • automation of billing service payments through credit cards on Web access

Internal Support functions include providing necessary training and communication on finance related items, providing information for departmental research/reports, supporting requests of the Town Commission and all other interested parties, assisting with the identification of service resources.