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Parks and Recreation

  • Tim Milian

Tim Milian

9301 Collins Avenue, Surfside, Florida
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Stacie N. Weiss


Jackie Villagran

Aquatic Supervisor

Mission Statement:

Provide recreational and leisure opportunities to build a strong sense of community while increasing the social, cultural and physical well-being of the residents and to be innovative in the programming needs of the community.

Services, Functions, and Activities:

The Parks and Recreation Department provides for the planning, supervision, maintenance and development of parks, park facilities, recreational programming, and numerous special events while balancing those needs with available resources. The goal of the Department is to courteously assist patrons in meeting their needs for recreation, community involvement, and enjoyable leisure time through the development of diverse offerings in a safe, attractive and well maintained environment.

To accomplish the park related goals, the Department offers a variety of well-maintained park facilities (active recreation, passive recreation, and aquatic opportunities). To accomplish the community related goals, the Department continues its involvement in the coordination of numerous special events throughout the year. To accomplish the recreation related goals, the Department continues offering diverse programming for all ages and abilities. The new Community Center operates on a year round basis and provides quality programming and activities to all segments of the community.

The Surfside Parks and Recreation Department operates a number of town facilities and a wide range of community programs. Facilities include Hawthorne Park, 96th Street Park, Surfside Tennis Courts, Veterans Park, 93rd Street Beach Lifeguard Stand, Surfside Community Center and Aquatic Facility . The Parks and Recreation Department sponsors special events, adult education classes, holiday celebrations, youth sports, youth programs and special events designed to provide entertainment, education, and recreation for all town residents and visitors.

The Parks and Recreation Department is led by Parks and Recreation Director, Tim Milian. The Parks and Recreation Administrative offices are located at 9301 Collins Avenue Community Center and Aquatic Facility. The Administrative office is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. For more information call the Parks and Recreation Department at 305.866.3635.

The Parks and Recreation Department is currently planning and developing new and exciting programs for the members of our community. To assist us with our programming and scheduling ideas please email or call the Parks and Recreation Offices.