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Public Works

  • Randy Stokes

Randy Stokes

Public Works Director
9293 Harding Avenue, Surfside, Florida
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mission Statement:

The Public Works Department provides for the effective management and maintenance of the Town’s roadways, infrastructure systems, and buildings as well as the management and supervision of the solid waste collection operation and the storm water, water/sewer utilities.

Services, Functions, and Activities:

The Department has direct responsibility for several allocation centers and has several divisions. The divisions include: administration, public works, solid waste, water and sewer, and storm water. The department meets its responsibilities through specialized divisions that correspond to these areas.

  • Administration Division: The Public Works Director is responsible for all administrative activity for the Department. This division includes management of all the day-to-day field operations, personnel management, Departmental records management, agenda preparation, research, customer service and all related managerial responsibilities.
  • Capital Improvement Plan Management: This area of responsibility includes coordination, planning, and management of infrastructure related improvements within the Town. Examples of current year projects include: storm water drainage improvement, water system replacement, and sewer system rehabilitation. Responsibility for the management of the related contracts rests with the Public Works Department.
  • General Maintenance: This area of responsibility includes needs identification, assignment and supervision for all general maintenance to Town property including: buildings, equipment, grounds, streets, vehicles and landscape maintenance as well as miscellaneous maintenance items.
  • Solid Waste Division: The Public Works Department is responsible for garbage and yard waste and recycling collection and disposal services for 1,200 residential accounts and 130 commercial accounts. Funding for this division is found within the Solid Waste tab of this document.
  • Storm Water Division: The Public Works Department is responsible for planning and management of all improvements and maintenance related to the storm water infrastructure system and works in conjunction with the water and sewer division. Further information about those operations and budget is found in the Storm water tab of this document.
  • Street Maintenance: Maintenance of roadways, road way cleaning, coordination with other departments regarding community bus schedules, and roadway hazards is the responsibility of this Department. Expenditure directly related to street operations are found within this section and can be identified either by title or by the presence of “541” in the line coding.
  • Water and Sewer Division: This division provides planning, maintenance and repair of water supply and sanitary sewer systems pipelines, valves, manholes, and hydrants along with maintenance and monitoring of sanitary and storm sewer pump stations. This division is also responsible for reading meters and coordination with the billing function (supervised by the Town Clerk). Additional information about this division is found in the “Water/Sewer” tab of this document. As part of the Town of Surfside National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit the Public Works Department would like to inform the residents of the program and additional links of information.

The (NPDES) Stormwater Program regulates stormwater discharges from three potential sources: municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s), construction activities, and industrial activities. Most stormwater discharges are considered point sources, and operators of these sources may be required to receive an NPDES permit before they can discharge. This permitting mechanism is designed to prevent stormwater runoff from washing harmful pollutants into local surface waters such as streams, rivers, lakes or coastal waters.

The State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection is authorized by the EPA to administer the program through permits. The permits are issued for (5) five years and the Town of Surfside is a co-permittee with other Miami-Dade County municipalities.

Stormwater management is important to our Town and neighboring communities. The Public Works Department will work hard to keep our system maintained and operating to the maximum potential protecting our waterways.

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