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About the Town of Surfside

The Town of Surfside is a beautiful oceanfront community located in the tropical paradise of South Florida. Incorporated in 1935, the Town is home to approximately 5,800 residents and includes a tranquil and attractive residential neighborhood, multi-family condominium and apartment buildings, a traditional "home town" business district as well as tourist facilities that welcomes visitors year round.

Surfside, located along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, in southeast Florida, is the perfect community for your permanent residence, seasonal retreat, family vacation, or relaxing escape. Gorgeous, pleasant, safe, convenient, with all the amenities that you would expect in a tropical paradise.

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All of the homes, apartments, condominiums, hotels and resorts in Surfside are within walking distance of world class shopping, fantastic public beaches, a number of public parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, and recreational facilities including a new Community Center and Aquatics Facility. As a place to live, or as a destination for visitors of all ages, Surfside is amongst the world's best places to be.

The Town of Surfside encompasses the area from 87th Terrace to 96th Street, and it is situated between the City of Miami Beach to the South and the Village of Bal Harbour to the North. Surfside has earned a truly superb reputation as a family community and destination, offering a wide range of accommodations, resort facilities, shopping opportunities and leisure activities. Surfside is also within easy range of all of South Florida's world renowned attractions.

Surfside is also close to the excitement and action of South Beach, to downtown Miami, to Oleta State Park, Haulover Park and Beach, North Shore Open Space Park, area golf courses, marinas with rental boating and fishing expeditions, and to all area seaports and airports.

For the very best in a community and destination for all of the amenities and activities available under the sun - and the moon - discover the wonders of Surfside, Florida. Surfside has about a mile of public beach that will rival any beach in the world. Surfside's beaches are peaceful, clean, pleasant, safe, and free of commercial intrusion.

Surfside has its own wonderful business and commercial district with fine restaurants, all reasonably priced, and a great variety of stores and services. Hotels and resorts provide accommodations for all tastes and budgets.

Founded on May 18, 1935, Surfside was incorporated through the signatures of only 35 people, members of the Surf Club, a private club in Town.

Surfside began to grow after World War II and by 1957, had outgrown its original Town Hall which was in the middle of the current business district. Town Hall, completely renovated in 2001, is the center of municipal operations. The new facilities serve as a hub of public services, and include the Town Commission chambers, the offices of the Town Manager, Town Clerk, the Solid Waste Department, Water and Sewer Department, Public Works Department and the Police Department. Surfside's new Town Hall and Police Station has already become a widely acclaimed and respected public facility, and it will serve our community for many years to come.

In 1962, Surfside built the Community Center, on the ocean at 93 Street. This unique, multi-purpose facility housed the Surf-Bal-Bay Library, the Tourist Bureau and the Recreation Department and includes an Olympic size swimming pool, a toddlers' pool, public beach access, a snack bar, meeting rooms and an auditorium for shows, special events and receptions. The Town recently purchased a lot next to the Community Center to insure that there will be additional open space oceanfront property for the future of the community. The Community Center is open 7 days a week, is used for many activities and functions day and night, and is a favorite of residents and visitors of all ages.

While the Recreation Department is housed in the Community Center, Surfside has several other community and recreational facilities including the Tennis Center, Surfside Park and Hawthorne Park Tot Lot, all of which have been extensively renovated in the last few years.

While all of these community assets stand out on their own, the thing that makes Surfside most impressive is its strong and consistent commitment to the quality of life of its residents. Old and new houses are mixed together in a quiet, peaceful and relaxed neighborhood setting. The condominiums and hotels along the oceanfront on A1A are not permitted to exceed 12 stories in height.

The present Mayor and Town Commission have enacted zoning policies and ordinances that have protected the character of the community. The harm and hazards associated with overdevelopment have been avoided. The Mayor and Commission have not granted even a single height or density variance during their tenure. In addition to effective growth management and zoning policies the town's officials have also implemented traffic control measures that provide high levels of peace and protection to all residents and visitors in the town.

The efficiency and effectiveness of Surfside's town services is at an all-time high. The town's sanitation services are perhaps the very best in America. Garbage and trash is collected from all residences, businesses, and public areas five days a week. Emergency police response time is approximately one minute. Entertainment and recreation programs are offered throughout the year. The town operates on a balanced budget, and the property tax rate has not been increased for over a decade. This has produced pride in the community's record of positive results and achievement in the public interest.

No matter whether you are a long-time resident of the Town or a new visitor, one thing ties everyone together while they are in Surfside - you can call Surfside home. You will find Surfside's local services to be amongst the best in America and you will enjoy the comfort and attractiveness of the community.