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Frank Trigueros

Frank Trigueros

Director of Tourism & Communications
9293 Harding Avenue, Surfside, Florida
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mission Statement:

Community Services & Public Communications strives to build relationships with Town residents, elected officials and the media through informative communications and marketing campaigns.

Services, Functions, and Activities:

The Community Services & Public Communications Department connects the Town to its residents, providing timely and informational communications to educate, engage and inform, while also coordinating essential services to enhance the quality of life and convenience for Surfside residents.

The Community Services & Public Communications (CSPC) Department in the General Fund is distinct from the Tourist Resort Fund which can be found later in this budget book under its own tab. However, the two departments, CSPC and Tourism, work closely together to provide a well-rounded experience for residents, visitors and business owners in Surfside.


CSPC plans, prepares and develops information to enhance the Town’s communication platforms in collaboration and oversees the development and content on the Town’s website and on Channel 663. The Town’s website and Channel 663 data entries are implemented through the Town’s agreement with Calvin, Giordano & Associates for IT services. However, the coordination of this data and the management of the site remain within this department. CSPC also implements and manages a variety of special projects and programs as assigned. To assist the Town in communications, the Town publishes the highly visible Gazette. The Gazette is a publication which provides information on services, recent legislative action, and special programs and events.

CSPC is committed to improving the economic health and viability of the Surfside Business District by functioning as a catalyst, partner, advisor and advocate on initiatives. CSPC also works to enhance the quality of life for residents through community-based services.

Additional tax revenue from a reinvigorated and successful downtown, including increased Tourist Resort Tax revenue, adds to the Town’s tax base and helps alleviate the ad valorem (property) tax burden on residents. It can also enhance the quality of life for Surfside’s residents, increase property values, and improve the visitor experience.

The focus downtown is on creating a sense of place that encourages business retention, and economic development, while retaining and enhancing the characteristics that attract residents and visitors alike. There is a desire to create a more pedestrian friendly downtown with mixed-use commercial buildings.

Many community initiatives, due to their complexity or uniqueness, lack an obvious alignment with existing Town departments. The Community Services and Public Communications Director, as the Town Manager designee, manages the process for these initiatives from inception through completion. Programs from this arena are accomplished via the following avenues: completing the task within this department; initiating the process and then assigning to another department for assistance and/or acting as a liaison between the initiative and another department. The process often involves the creation or amending of ordinances, resolutions, formal agreements/contracts and memoranda of understanding.