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VISH Hummus Surfside Arrives to Help You Eat Healthy this Year

Jan 14, 2021


It’s that time of the year; 2021 has just been ushered in and like millions of people across the world, a common new year’s resolution has been firmly established: get healthier, fitter, stronger, leaner – eat cleaner.  And it’s that last goal that proves most difficult. Luckily, the arrival of VISH Hummus to Surfside’s Harding Avenue last year means there is a trusty new ally in Town.

Specializing in the art of hummus, VISH is a stark departure from the cold hummus spread boxes seen at grocery stores. VISH describes the concept as an “updated urban hummus bar, serving hot dishes with a variety of tasty toppings, alongside fresh Yemen pita bread, and…a warm smile.” Their wide-array of offerings make it a must-try for vegetarians, vegans and kosher customers.


In Hebrew, VISH means ‘wiping,’ an action that bears cultural significance in the Middle East as that was the most common way to enjoy hummus in older days—literally wiping it off the plate with a fresh piece of pita. At VISH, all meals, including the hot hummus, are made fresh to order and ground up in front of customers in the open kitchen. 

Vish Complete

On a brisk January afternoon, we sampled the “Complete VISH,” which includes hummus, chickpeas, tahini, fava beans, hard-boiled egg, cumin, sweet paprika, olive-oil and parsley. The initial thought after the first bite, ‘wow, I never thought hummus could be this good.’ That was the overwhelming feeling as the lush flavors and textures in the Complete bowl blended perfectly to offer the ideal vegetarian dish. Each item compliments the next and the seasoning is just perfect. Paired with the superbly-balanced house lemonade for $12, it made for a highly satisfying meal. VISH Salad 

The level attained should probably come as no surprise, after all, the first hummus restaurant opened by Eliyahoo, the visionary behind VISH, opened many years ago in a small town in northern Israel. Through the years, he worked with a talented team of professionals to develop VISH into one of Israel’s leading hummus brands.

Lucky for us, VISH opened at Surfside’s 9454 Harding Ave. last year. Through the end of February, they are offering a special offer: complimentary house lemonade with all Complete VISH orders, just mention promo Visit Surfside. Dine in or order out and make this year the healthiest yet!

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