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A Visit to Liborio Cigar & Tobacco Shop

Jun 07, 2021

Miami’s Best Cigar Shop Located in Surfside 

Did you know that one of Miami’s best cigar shops is located in Surfside? Liborio Cigar & Tobacco Shop, which has been previously nominated for the Best Cigar Shop and Cigar Bar in the Local10 Top Ten Vote, is conveniently located in Surfside’s walkable shopping district on Harding Avenue.  

Liborio Cigar & Tobacco Shop is a family-run business that has been operating for decades in Surfside. The business was started in 1962 by Rene Perez. In 1982, Perez’s daughters, Cris and Lilly, took over – running the business for the last 35 years and moving the store from its original South Beach location to Surfside.

The shop carries its own private label Liborio cigars, hand-rolled and manufactured in the Dominican Republic. They make a unique gift for those interested in Miami’s connection to Cuban and Caribbean history through cigars. Though Cuban cigars are prized for their scarcity, it is actually the Dominican Republic that produces the majority of the world’s premium cigars, outpacing Nicaragua, Honduras, and Cuba. Dominican tobacco—even if grown from Cuban seeds—has a unique taste all its own, thanks to the rich makeup of Dominican soil.

In addition to its house brand, Liborio is known for its array of premium quality cigars and cigarillos, including brands such as Churchill, Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, Cuesta-Rey, and Punch.

For those interested in rolling their own, the shop also has an array of rolling tobacco and papers, as well as pipes and lighters.

If you are interested in learning more about Dominican tobacco and the cigar rolling process, the ladies of Liborio Cigar & Tobacco Shop are experts!