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2022 Ballot Questions Community Workshops

Town staff and representatives from FPL, Dr. Ted Kury, Director of Energy Studies for the Public Utility Research Center (PURC) at the University of Florida and a Sunny Isles Beach administrator, will be available to provide more information on the ballot questions. Presentations will be the same on both days. Please note, Dr. Kury will only be available for the March 2 Zoom workshop.

Establishing Salaries for Mayor and Town Commission and Single Health Insurance Benefit

The Town Charter currently provides for the mayor and commissioners to be paid the sum of one dollar ($1.00) per fiscal year for attendance at monthly commission meetings. Shall the Charter be amended to provide the Mayor and Commissioners with annual compensation in the amount of $12,000 each, payable biweekly, and single health insurance benefit as provided to general employees by the Town?

Summary Explanation:

Currently, the Charter provides an annual salary of $1 for the Town's commissioners and mayor. A vote "yes" to this ballot question would increase that salary to $12,000 per year for each commissioner and the mayor. Additionally, commissioners would become eligible for a single-benefit health insurance plan, same as provided to Town employees. 

View the Commission Salaries Resolution No. 2021-2842.

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