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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in Surfside

by Frank Trigueros | Dec 28, 2021
Keep Your New Years Resolutions in Surfside Image

December 28, 2021
By Surfside Staff

5 Ways to Stay Active in Surfside

The start of a new year is a great time to reboot and think about new goals and aspirations. Would you like to travel more? Yes. Would you like the pandemic to be over? OMG, yes! ? Are you looking to stay active in 2021? That's a reasonable and very achievable yes, and Surfside is the perfect place to do it! 

Though Surfside is often known as a destination for rest and relaxation, this Town has activities that will keep you fit and healthy, even if you’re here for just a few days. Here are five ways to stay active in Surfside in the new year. 

1. Go for a Walk/Run Along the Beach

Surfside is home to a mile of pristine beach featuring pure white sand, crystal clear water and beautiful vistas of sunrise and sunset. If you’re looking for a low-key, low-cost activity to keep you active, a walk or run along the beach is the answer. The beach path is the perfect way to see the sights and get a workout – take in the architecture, breathe the fresh sea air and feel the resistance benefits of exercising in the sand. 

Surfside Beach Path
87th Terrace to 95th Street 
2. Bike Around Surfside

One of the easiest fitness activities you can do in Surfside is bike! As we outlined in an earlier blog about where to Bike Around Surfside, biking is an athletic activity that also lets you explore the neighborhood. Rent a Citibike for the day and burn calories at the same time! 

Citibike Stations
Harding Avenue, at 88th Street
Harding Avenue, at 94th Street
Collins Avenue, at 93rd Street

3. Play Tennis at the Surfside Tennis Center 

Ready to improve your backhand? Put on your tennis gear and break a sweat at the Surfside Tennis Center with lessons and clinics by GM Sports Tennis Academy. With programs for kids and adults that include cardio tennis, matches for singles or doubles as well as tournaments, playing tennis in Surfside is the ultimate high-energy workout. And with instructors that are seasoned tennis pros, they will improve your game and your physical fitness in no time! 

Surfside Tennis Center
8750 Collins Avenue

4. Enroll in an Aqua Zumba Class

Are you ready to try a totally new workout? Aqua Zumba gives a fresh perspective to the addictive dance workout! A combination of Zumba philosophies with traditional aqua fitness, Aqua Zumba is a water-based workout that is a little bit of cardio, a little bit of dancing and a lot of fun! If you’re looking for a totally new way to get some exercise, be ready to splash, stretch, twist and even shout with other Aqua Zumba lovers at Surfside’s Community Center. There’s even an instructor with a worldwide following! 

Classes are held at the Surfside Community Center Pool and participation is available in 8-week packages, or participants can drop-in per class. You must register to attend. Call for more information or visit the Parks and Recreation Department's programming portal.

Surfside Community Center
9301 Collins Avenue

5. Get Up and Clean Up!

Here in Surfside, we like to think of ourselves as true olympians when it comes to our home-town sport, #plasticfishing! That's right, getting off your bum in the name of art and sustainability has never been more satisfying and not to mention - physically rewarding. Our shoreline is under the constant threat of trash and microplastics which can be difficult to remove, and may harm animals and marine life. Comb through the beach searching for plastic and turn it into art! Head to @plasticfisherman on Instagram for inspiration. Share your work using #plasticfishing.

For the more artistically challenged, the Town has a number of Fill A Bag (FAB) stations located at our beach entrances set up to facilitate beach trash pick up. Embrace the sand beneath your feet and extra resistance as you burn calories and tone muscles all in the name of Planet Earth!

FAB Clean Up Stations

96th Street beach entrance
Grand Beach Hotel beach entrance
Community Center beach entrance
92nd Street beach entrance
88th Street beach entrance


From tennis to Yoga, Surfside has a host of activities to keep you moving well after the new year. Whether you start with daily walks on the beach or try a new fitness class around town, there are plenty of Surfside activities to help you kick-off the new year on a healthy note!

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