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Dive Into Sea Turtle Week

by Cristina Horta | Jun 14, 2022

Sea Turtle Week Blog Post (7)

Join us in celebrating Sea Turtle Week this June 13 through 17. Home to several sea turtle species, Surfside’s most common resident is the Florida Loggerhead sea turtle. Hundreds of years ago, millions of turtles roamed our oceans yet today the sea turtle is an endangered species due to the human impact on their environment. Despite that a few dozen sea turtle nests are still found on our shorelines. Sea turtle hatchlings are continually faced with predators such as birds, crabs, and fish on their perilous trek from the nest to the water.

To bring awareness to the dangers faced by these marine reptiles, the Town wants to honor them and continue working on the conservation of these magnificent creatures. Sea turtles are part of our local marine ecosystem. Our desire is to shed light on the many threats they navigate and take the necessary measures to protect their nesting grounds. Miami-Dade County’s Sea Turtle Nesting Season runs from May through October.

Ten Fun Facts About Sea Turtles

1. They’re Ancient

Sea Turtles are known as some of the oldest creatures to roam the Earth. One of their fossils date back to 120 million years old and is known as the oldest sea turtle fossil. Sea turtles lived during the time of the dinosaurs which experienced extinction around 65 million years ago.

2. Their Shells Are Multi-Faceted

Some sea turtles will travel to great depths to dine on their favorite jellyfish. Their shells protect them against predators and makes them more hydrodynamic in the water.

3. Their Nesting Habits

When it’s time for female sea turtles to lay their own eggs, they will do so in the same nesting grounds they were born.

4. They’re Expert Divers

Some sea turtles can slow their heart rate for up to 9 minutes enabling them to conserve oxygen between heart beats. This allows them to swim for as long as 5 hours underwater while holding their breath.

5. They're Heavy Lifters

Not all sea turtles grow and weigh the same. The leatherback sea turtle is the largest of all turtles and can weigh over a thousand pounds. The loggerhead sea turtle is the most common sea turtle in Surfside and weighs about 275 pounds.

6. They Experience Survival of The Fittest Firsthand

Sadly, only one in every thousand sea turtle hatchlings will survive and make it to adulthood.

7. Their Gender Is A Mystery Before Birth

Oddly enough, a sea turtle hatchling’s gender is dependent on the climate of the nest. Warmer climates produce more females and cooler temperatures produce males.

8. They Love to Be at Sea

Unlike female sea turtles, male turtles spend most of their life at sea because they don’t have to nest and return to land.

9. They Cry

Sea turtles have glands that makes them look like they’re crying, but their purpose is to empty the excess salt in their eyes.

10. They Live Long and Prosper

Sea turtles live as long as the estimated number of eggs female turtles lay when they nest. They live around 100 years.