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Florida’s Lobster Mini Season Is Here

Jul 08, 2022

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With lobster mini season upon us, recreational harvesters will be able to bag themselves some spiny lobster before the commercial season kicks off and traps are deployed on August 6. Gear up at H2O Dive Center and catch these delectable crustaceans come July 27 through 28. Spiny lobsters have no claws and are best known for their high-quality tail meat. They are found among South Florida's coral reefs, coral heads, or burrows during the day and foraging the seafloor at night. In Miami-Dade County, people are allotted 12 lobsters per day, per person.

Lobsters must be 3 inches long and cannot be carrying eggs on the bottom side of their tail. You will need the following:

For more information concerning rules & regulations, click here