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Traffic Flow Change at 88th Street & Byron Avenue

Update: Residents, Please Take Note of the Following Traffic Flow Change at 88th Street & Byron Avenue

In an effort to make our residential streets safe and eliminate the massive increased amount of cut-through traffic plaguing our residential streets – starting tonight, all traffic heading north on Byron Avenue south of 88th Street will not be permitted to use the roundabout at Abbott and 88th Street to continue north through our town on Carlyle or any of our other residential streets.
If you are a resident who uses Byron Avenue to access the residential district, please instead use Collins or Harding Avenues to access any one of the numbered 88th through 95th east-west streets to get to your home.
During the initial days of implementation, expect some minor traffic accumulation around the impacted area, until it becomes apparent by those who regularly use our residential streets as a short-cut that this option no longer exists.
While it is expected that this measure will cause some initial discomfort, it is being done in an effort to “do something” about the speeding, the running of stop signs and the massive amount traffic our residential streets are now incurring.
If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us. Thank you.
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