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Surfside Commission Unanimously Appoints Marisol Vargas as Interim Town Manager

The Town of Surfside Commission unanimously appointed Marisol Vargas as the Interim Town Manager during the Special April Commission session. Ms. Vargas, a seasoned Town employee with over two decades of service to Surfside, assumes the role with commendable dedication and experience. Recognized for her commitment, knowledge, and unwavering dedication, Ms. Vargas's appointment reflects a consensus among Commissioners regarding her qualifications and readiness for this pivotal position.

In response to her appointment, Ms. Vargas expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve Surfside in this capacity. She affirmed her commitment to upholding the Town's values and meeting the expectations set forth by the Town Commission.  

The Surfside community welcomes Ms. Vargas into her new role and looks forward to her leadership in advancing the Town's interests and welfare.
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