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  • Sea Turtle Nesting Season Enters its Final Weeks

    Sep 09, 2021
    Did you know that Sea Turtle Nesting Season is currently in its final two months? This crucial time period for Surfside’s most popular marine animal comes to a close at the end of October.
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  • Spice Up Your Life and Support Local! Three Surfside Restaurants Set for August and September’s Miami Spice Program

    Aug 05, 2021
    This year, three Surfside restaurants are participating: 26 Sushi & Tapas, Mendel’s Backyard BBQ + Brew, and La Plage at the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside. When planning your restaurant list this year, make sure these local gems are included!
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  • Stay Cool at Serendipity

    Jun 07, 2021
    Keep cool in Surfside with a sweet scoop of homemade ice cream or sorbet from Surfside’s very own sweet shop, Serendipity Creamery & Yogurt Cafe. With a seasonal menu and 24 signature flavors, Serendipity’s pairing of distinct ingredients create dynamic flavors you are sure to love all summer long.
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  • A Visit to Liborio Cigar & Tobacco Shop

    Jun 07, 2021
    Did you know that one of Miami’s best cigar shops is located in Surfside? Liborio Cigar & Tobacco Shop, which has been previously nominated for the Best Cigar Shop and Cigar Bar in the Local10 Top Ten Vote, is conveniently located in Surfside’s walkable shopping district on Harding Avenue.
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  • VISH Hummus Surfside Arrives to Help You Eat Healthy this Year

    Jan 14, 2021
    It’s that time of the year; 2021 has just been ushered in and like millions of people across the world, a common new year’s resolution has been firmly established: get healthier, fitter, stronger, leaner – eat cleaner. And it’s that last goal that proves most difficult. Luckily, the arrival of VISH Hummus to Surfside’s Harding Avenue last year means there is a trusty new ally in Town.
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  • ¡Ciao Bella! Pampaloni Silver Enters the Surfside Spotlight

    Dec 10, 2020
    For third-generation silversmith Mr. Pampaloni, a passion for design long runs in the family. His impressive silver brand is known for its eye-catching collections, and following a previous stint on Lincoln Road, the store now calls Harding Avenue home.
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  • Inside the World of Sunny Toys & Gifts

    Nov 10, 2020
    Constantly looking for something to help keep the kids entertained while physically distancing? You’re certainly not alone there. Thankfully, the opening of Sunny Toys & Gifts on the northern end of Harding Avenue and 95th Street is one of Surfside’s sunniest 2020 stories. The many offerings at this quaint boutique toy store are sure to put a smile on any kid, and even a few adults.
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